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The Original Little Explorers

Established 1989


The original Little Explorers was established by Margarete Gillette in 1989. Margarete is Christi's mother-in-law. She opened her first Little Explorers preschool in Rockdale, Texas, when Christi's husband, Josh, was four years old. The Gillette family moved to Charlottesville in 1992, and Little Explorers then opened in Earlysville. 

Josh's favorite memories at Little Explorers are playing outside with his friends, listening to books and doing crafts and projects. 

Margarete built Little Explorers with the goal of guiding children through play-based, collaborative and inquiry learning. With a very similar approach to education, Christi realized that carrying on both the philosophy and the name of Little Explorers would make a great fit for her school. When Christi asked Margarete's permission to use the name "Little Explorers", Margarete replied that she would feel honored. 


Christi feels very fortunate to carry on the tradition of guiding children on their adventures at Little Explorers!

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