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A Visit From Pirates

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

by Alannah Walker

When you are stuck at home, curiosity and imagination can go a long way if your child is looking for some entertainment. Creating a little story with physical evidence to search for is a sure way to keep them busy for awhile, and to get them outside in the fresh air. Pirates and treasure have proven to be very interesting in our Adventurers class, even seeming magical or mythical. A nighttime visit from pirates is exciting, especially if they have left something behind to be discovered!

Set the Stage

You will need:

A pair of boots

A shovel

A sieve (optional)

Some coins or other items for “treasure”

A box, jar, or bowl to collect the treasure

To set the stage, you’ll need some boots to leave their footprints behind. These pirates came last night, have walked through your yard, and have buried some treasure! Create a path to follow where the pirates have walked, perhaps leaving an “X” to mark the spot where the treasure is buried. Bury some coins or “treasure” to be found, who knows what these pirates have to hide? If your child asks why the pirates buried the treasure in your yard, we know it’s definitely because they are sure no one will find it there!

Modify Up or Down

If you would like to go a step further, you could create a treasure map to follow as well. Create two paths to follow, and more than one place to dig to extend the activity. This visit from pirates can be easily modified for older or younger children so it can be enjoyed by different ages and still be fun. In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day this week you could even change the story altogether and create a visit from a leprechaun instead, saving pirates for another day! Happy hunting!

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