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Activities without Screens

Let's face it, we are all likely going to resort to more screen time than usual over the next weeks. I will share useful websites and other online materials on our blog throughout this time, but let's start with activities that don't need screens. As an idea to help this, maybe try these first few days to limit screen time (beyond what you will end up allowing soon) and build a "library" of ideas that don't involve screens, so that we can maybe create some fun, new habits before we bore of everything in the house and just want to watch Daniel Tiger for the rest of the time!

Here are a few ideas for both preschoolers and school-agers:

And for the older children:

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1 Comment

Jennifer Hice Iyengar
Jennifer Hice Iyengar
Mar 17, 2020

Thanks for sharing! Here's a fun bingo game for getting outside!

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