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Class Meeting Task: Nature Art (Monday, April 6)

It was so wonderful to see some of our Explorers and Adventurers at Monday's Zoom class meetings! The children had fun with their scavenger hunts, talking to each other and sharing their favorite toys. We hope that we will see you back next Monday for some more fun!

For next Monday, the task for the children to prepare to share is a piece (or multiple pieces) of artwork from nature. It's such a beautiful time to find lots of colors out on a walk in the woods, as well as items such as pinecones, leaves, sticks, acorns, rocks, etc. Let the children's imaginations do the creating, and let's see what fun things they make!

We'll hopefully see you on Monday at 10:00am (Explorers) or 10:35am (Adventurers)!

Stay healthy and safe, and we continue to think about and miss each and every Little Explorer!

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