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Fairy Houses

by Ruth Sharretts and Christi Gillette

Take your child on a magical fairy adventure!

Watch the read aloud of the book Lily and the Fairy House by Jane Tanner (click below):

Allow the book to spark a fun conversation with your child. Here are some prompt ideas:

"What would it be like to play with fairies?"

"What materials did Lily use to create her fairy house?"

Now build a fairy house of your own!

What You'll Need:

-Items from nature (Sticks, moss, leaves, acorns, rocks, bark, mud, feathers, etc.)


-Other items of choice to add to the house (Ideas: beads, buttons, craft sticks, pom poms, sequins)

Build the fairy house in any way you choose! Maybe you would like to be able to move the fairy house around, so consider building it inside of a cardboard box. Maybe you'd like to make your fairy house as part of a garden bed. Let your imagination soar as you have fun building an exciting home for the fairies!

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