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Daily Schedule

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our online blog for virtual ideas, inspiration and collaboration of our LEDS family. This first post is to share with you our daily rhythm at school if you would like to utilize a version of their schedule at home to maintain a routine throughout the time we cannot be at school.

8:35-9:30- Outdoor Play

9:30-9:45- Snack

9:45-10:20- Daily Provocations and Free Choices in Classroom*

10:20-10:50- Movement and Music Time

10:50-11:30- Imaginative Play

11:35-11:55- Lunch

11:55-1:00- Outdoor Play

1:00-3:00- Story and Rest Time

3:00-3:30- Snack and Free Play

3:30-4:30- Outdoor Play

4:30-5:30- Indoor Free Play

*Daily Provocations- During this time, some children choose to engage in process art or free play with classroom materials, but often children will engage themselves in the provocations set up by the teachers that are set up in response to observations of the children's interests. To find a provocation for your child, think about what they have shown interest in lately. Here are some examples:

-Trucks- Set up a construction site with trucks, dirt, sticks, and leaves.

-Glue- Cut up collage items to glue on recyclables or paper.

-Paint- Find different and interesting things to paint- rocks, cardboard, pine cones, acorns

-Sensory Play- Make play dough or slime at home.

-Movement- Make an obstacle course.

-Doctor- Set up a hospital with dolls, animals, and medical supplies.

We will be posting ideas frequently on the blog for activities that you can do from home to keep things fun and engaging!

Please comment with your own ideas, pictures, ideas, or provocations so that we can create an interactive community while we keep our community safe from home.

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2 comentários

Jennifer Hice Iyengar
Jennifer Hice Iyengar
16 de mar. de 2020

You're awesome! I can share our outdoor challenges as I create them for Hike it Baby! Looking forward to getting our activity packets!


14 de mar. de 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!!! You guys are the best!!!

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