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Pine Cone Bird Feeder

by Alannah Walker

Creating your own bird feeder is an easy way to connect with nature and wildlife. Not only does the activity have a useful purpose, but children being able to see the results of their work is rewarding. These are usually something you can make on any day with supplies that you have off-hand at home and is a fun activity to do together.

Supplies Needed

  • A pine cone

  • Peanut butter or sun butter (if you are peanut free!)

  • Birdseed

  • Twine, yarn, or fishing line

  • Cheerios (if desired)

  • Plate or bowl

  • Butter knife or small rubber spatula


  1. Go on a hunt outside and find a nice big pine cone with lots of space to squish the peanut butter into. Longleaf or Limber pine cones usually work best.

  2. When you have found your pine cone, cut a piece of the twine, yarn, or fishing line (at least two feet long) to your desired length. Tie the middle of the twine somewhere around the top inch of the pine cone.

  3. If you are choosing to use Cheerios, string the desired amount of Cheerios onto each strand of the twine. Tie the ends of twine together when complete.

  4. Use the butter knife or small rubber spatula to smear the peanut butter into the pine cone. Be generous, but try to smear it evenly into the many nooks and crannies.

  5. Pour enough birdseed into the plate or bowl to coat the pine cone. Roll the pine cone in the birdseed until completely covered and coated.

  6. Once the pine cone is covered in birdseed, go outside and find a spot to hang your feeder from. Use a slipknot to hang your bird feeder from a branch or clothesline, or other perfect place of your choosing.

  7. Enjoy watching the birds feast on your creation!

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